Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Elvis Presley

Hey! Why am I just now hearing that there is an Elvis Presley FOREVER stamp?  It came out in August.  Oh wait, I was sick for most of August, so I guess that is why! (For those outside the USA, if you buy a forever stamp you can use the stamp even if the postage rate increases.  Only thing for me, I can't use it on any mail that I send to England because there is no monetary amount posted on it.)
Now, if you notice, there is a tiny gold crown in the space beside where it says "USA".  This is a nod to the fact that Elvis Presley is called the king of rock and roll.  Personally, I wish that they had left that out.  Elvis said there was only ONE King.  (King of Kings and Lord of Lords, in case you are wondering.)  I know that there are many who like to belittle Elvis and the people who like him and I can only say that I always liked him and I always will!

We had a really great Elvis stamp from 1993 and if you live outside the USA,  you might not know that the US Postal service actually gave the American public the choice between two: a young Elvis or an image of Elvis in his later years. As far as I know, this is the only time the Postal Service has ever done this. Well, of course, the younger Elvis was chosen.  (Who comes up with these ideas? What did they think would happen?)
I liked them both but the later one made me sad since I knew he died in his early 40's.  Why couldn't they have done both?  And why doesn't the US Postal Service contact me about these things? You know I would tell them!

Click here to view larger image of artwork      

My Dad really likes Johnny Cash and so, I got some Johnny Cash Forever stamps for him.
You know, I think it is a nice thing to give stamps to people that you care about...something useful but also something that is meaningful to that person!

How about you?  Would you ever think of giving someone a set of stamps?  Or am I just being my usual weird self?  Elvis FOREVER baby!

Photo of the Johnny Cash Forever Stamp

Monday, October 5, 2015

Finding The Perfect Balance At Arabia Mountain

Sometimes when my husband and I are walking at Arabia Mountain, we will notice that someone has taken the time to place the rocks together in a very artistic way.  We thought that this particular creation looked very nice with the Yellow Daisies surrounding it.
You can see a better detail of the stones in the photo above.  Are you amazed at how the stones are positioned here? Look at that one big sharp rock at the right holding up the others...I wonder how long this took for someone to do?  Only one person or several?
Earthlings or aliens?  Who knows? I keep telling you that Arabia Mountain is out of this world!
On this same day, we discovered another one.  Richard is convinced that this must be the work of several, we can't see how it could be done by just one person...
Here is a closer look...
There is nothing holding these rocks together, they are just perfectly balanced!
And the Yellow Daisies are wildflowers that grow only within about a 50 mile radius of this area. (Some say 30 mile radius.)  Look at that yellow against the grey of the stone! Just gorgeous!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Many Rivers To Cross-Flooding In South Carolina

Heavy flooding in South Carolina today.  President Obama has just declared it a National Emergency.   If you want to read a blog post from someone who lives there, I have a link to Laurie's blog, you may read it here. 
On a personal note, my stepmother was trying to drive back to Georgia today and her journey required her to come through Columbia, South Carolina. (She had been visiting her family just north of Columbia.)  Once she reached Columbia, she had to turn around, many of the roads were closed, including the interstate highways.   If you look at a map of the area, you will notice that there are several rivers.  Imagine all of them flooded, and you will see why she couldn't make it.  I think I saw on the Weather Channel that they closed 300 roads in Columbia and as I watched it, I was told that a woman was swept away in the flood and had died. (I think that seven have died in the state from the flooding.) Did I also hear that it was thousands that had to be rescued by boat from their homes?  Sorry, I have been a bit worried all day about this, and I could look this up for you, but you all might know more about this than I do!  I spoke with my stepmom later in the day and she made it back to her family's home and is now safe.  I hope that she will not attempt the journey again until she knows for sure that the roads are passable.  My Dad is eager for her to return but the main thing is to be safe! 

There is a phrase that they mentioned several times on the Weather Channel and it is worth repeating...


The power of water is very strong and the water level can rise very quickly.  If you are driving and see water covering the road, do not attempt to drive any further.  I just saw TV coverage of a man being rescued from the water and there was his large pick up truck half submerged in the water behind him. I am sure that he thought he could make it through in such a large vehicle.  Thankfully, it looked as though he was being brought to safety.

 Also, do not go to view the swollen creeks and flooded rivers after heavy rains. This is just my own personal observation, but there are always accounts of people falling into the swift running water and drowning.

We have had a rainy weekend in the Atlanta area but nothing like the rain that fell in South Carolina...I am praying for all who have been affected by this. 

UPDATE AS OF OCT. 5th-  My step mother made it home safely today.  I spoke with her on the phone and it was such a relief to hear her laughter!  (She has a great sense of humor besides also having a great faith in God.)
  Still praying for those in South Carolina.
These are some more flowers that I planted from seed...I like the coreopsis turning to the sun!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


There are 160 species of butterflies in Georgia.  And they must be the fastest butterflies in the world because as soon as I have a camera trained on one, they are flying away quicker than I can say,
Oh pooh, MISSED it!"

 Have I shared the butterfly video with you before?  Phil Deletrez was one of the Rangers who used to guide hikes over Panola Mountain.  He is at another park now and I miss him.  (Phil is very knowledgeable about birds, butterflies and well, just about anything in nature!  I love the butterfly video that he made...hope you like it too!)

Richard has taken some great photos recently of the butterflies in our own back yard.  He also has captured some very good shots of the butterflies at Panola Mountain and Arabia Mountain.  Once, when we were walking over the boardwalk at Alexander lake, we saw a butterfly that he thought reminded him of a butterfly that he knew from England...the Red Admiral.  We looked it up after we got home and you will never believe it...that is exactly what it was! Same butterfly in England as in the USA!    (Named by Moses Harris in 1766...he called it "the Admirable".)

So happy that the Mexican sunflower that I planted from seed in May is now over 6 feet tall! (Okay, it is in a pot, but still...that's big!)  AND the butterflies LOVE it!  A nice woman who owns a nursery gave the seed away for FREE at the Monastery Fall Festival last year.  There will another festival at the Monastery this weekend, so I hope to tell the kind lady how much I enjoy the Mexican sunflower!
(We are not sure of this pretty yellow it a cloudless sulphur or an orange sulphur?  Not sure, but speaking of orange, that Mexican sunflower is the deepest orange, just lovely!)

 You see, I have been very busy lately but all I really want to do is gaze at flowers and marvel at butterflies.

Monday, September 28, 2015

When The Going Gets Tough/ (Go And Get Stuffed)

If you having a tough time, then I suggest fresh vegetables!
What can be better than peppers from your own garden? Ours have turned out very well this year.  Before I cooked them for our dinner (stuffed peppers) I thought I would take a photo of them for you...

The top two were the ones that were stuffed, the red one and the two banana peppers went into a salad! (None of the peppers are hot, I don't do HOT!) 
 Now, the reason for the title of this post?
As I was preparing this meal, it reminded me of something funny from "Top of the Pops" from 1985.  (Note...Top of the Pops was a British TV show about the top musical pop hits, it's not around any more, more's the pity!)  There was a hit song from a popular movie, "The Jewel In The Nile" and the title of the song was "When The Going Gets Tough".  Funny because when you say that song with an English accent, it SOUNDS like "Go and Get Stuffed"!  I have always loved word play, don't you? I find it very amusing!  (The song was sung by Billy Ocean.)


(Favorite Christmas cracker joke:  Where does Queen Victoria keep her armies?....answer below....)

You know those people who say that they have nothing to say? Not me! I tell you, I have TONS of things I want to write about...but I am so tired, I just asked Richard to tell me where the exclamation mark is located on the typewriter!  You can see, I found it!! HA!

Okay then, where does Queen Victoria keep her armies?
Up her SLEEVIES, of course!

Oh! And thinking of Billy Ocean reminded me of Billie Piper from Dr. Who, from the episode where she kept trying to get Queen Victoria to say "We are NOT amused". 

Sorry, I am might see how my brain goes around in its tiny little circle!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Let There Be Peace On Earth (And Let It Begin With Me)

Unless you have been under a rock this week, then you will know the POPE has been visiting the USA!  (Even the small Catholic church in our town has a sign that says "Welcome To America, His Holiness Pope Francis".)  New York City was so welcoming, the newspaper The New York Post, changed their header line to "The New York POPE"!  You gotta love New York City, you know I do!
 This morning at the service at Ground Zero, a youth choir sang "Let There Be Peace On Earth".  I find it extraordinarily beautiful.

Next time, Pope Francis, why not swing by the Monastery in Rockdale County, Georgia?  It's not far from the Atlanta airport!




Thursday, September 24, 2015

Michael J. Fox and Parkinson's Disease

Just learned today that one of my customers has been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.  Michael J. Fox has this same illness and has worked for many years in drawing attention to it and raising money for research.  (Muhammad Ali also has it. You might remember the  poignant moment when Muhammad Ali lit the Olympic torch in Atlanta in 1996.) 
There, I have the link to his foundation above.   Not only is there a great deal about Parkinson's disease itself  but there is a lot of practical advice for those who have it.  (Also there is a link to a blog!)

"Back To The Future", that is one of my favorite movies!  I just saw that it was listed as one of the Top 100 American Movies of all time!  (I think it was  at #55.)  I must have read this on the BBC, that is where I get a great deal of my information these days!   If you watch that clip, let me know if you remember it and love that movie as much as I do! have never seen it?  Well, doggone, what are you WAITING for?   The film is perfectly cast and the script is very cleverly written and just so FUNNY!   (You are my DENSITY!) 

I know what you are thinking...Kay, does EVERYTHING remind you of a song or a movie? Yes, and sometimes, BOTH! 

For all who are going through any kind of challenges just now, hang in there and be good to yourself!
Doctor's orders!  And look at flowers, the beauty is good for you!  Don't have any?  Okay then, look at these...